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How to DIY Your Website with a Showit Template

The thought of creating or updating a website can make even the most experienced business owners cringe, which is why so many creatives let it slowly slip to the bottom of their to-do lists. But, having a website that acts like a storefront for your business should not be difficult to create and update. So, I decided to go on a mission to design templates that are beautiful, easy to use, mobile friendly, and actually fun to work with.


The result? 

A curated collection of four Showit website templates that are ready for you to explore and put to work! Let me explain how to DIY your website using one of my Showit Templates.

Each of the four templates — Claire Love, Alex Bloom, Sahara, and Horizon-West — was designed with a specific style in mind. For example, Claire Love is soft, colorful, and elegant, while Horizon-West is neutral, modern, and minimal. Although they all differ slightly, each one can be used by photographers, coaches, planners, florists, and more! Plus, each one includes the same core features: 

  • 10+ pre-designed mobile-optimized pages for you to add to your website (think: Home, About, Services, etc. — all of the must-haves!)
  • SEO and Google-friendly features to ensure your clients can find your site. 
  • Step-by-step training videos, so you can confidently create your site and feel like I’m right there with you.
  • A free website copywriting guide that walks you through how to create website copy that converts while you’re building your site. 

If you are ready to… 

  • Showcase your work online on a website that allows it to shine
  • Attract and book more of your ideal clients hassle-free
  • Be viewed as an expert by clients and professionals alike
  • Continue to maintain and update your website on your own as you please

…get started with a Showit template! The process will be enjoyable, seamless, and truly worthwhile. Plus, there’s nothing like knocking something off of your to-do list and loving the result.



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