How a Professional Brand Helps you Stand Out

Your brand is an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. Call it a secret agent, call it a team member. Call your branding whatever you need to see it as an integral part of your business (and business success).

If your branding doesn’t represent who you are or resonate with your target client, you are leaving opportunity on the table.

Having a professional brand will help you stand out in a crowded space. And if we’re being honest, the internet and social media is as busy as it gets!

Professional Branding

Something that gets confused a lot in my world is logo versus brand. A brand is so much more than a logo. It’s an identity. Your business is defined by your brand and your brand is defined by your business. Your logo is only one piece of a complex puzzle. There is the big picture and then all the pieces you need to complete the puzzle. You need a logo, fonts, colors, sublogos and a strategy for how they all work together.

The visual elements of a brand are critically important for brand recognition and overall “attraction,” but how you work with your clients and customers is also part of the brand experience. The visual pieces of your brand are the hello and the customer experience is the conversation. You can’t have one without the other. The key is making them work together in a cohesive and consistent way.

A professional brand builds credibility, gives your clients confidence and allows you to demand a higher price point. A well defined brand is how you build brand recognition (people will know what to expect and have the visual cues to know you when they see you).

Businesses usually need to consider a rebranding strategy every 4-6 years. This is because as you grow and evolve, ideally your customer does too!

Now, bear with me as I serve up another analogy here.

A great brand is a lot like going to a party and wearing the best outfit in the room. People will notice it and be drawn to you, if they aren’t showering you with compliments, they’ve likely made a mental note that they need to reach out to you when the time is right and ask you where you picked up your shoes or admit that they were jealous (in a nice way) of how amazing you looked. You made an impression and you’re proud of it!

Let’s Get Noticed!

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