Showit Icon Kit Add-on

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Designed for anyone using the Showit Platform. Personal and Commercial licenses available.

The Showit Icon Kit is the first of its kind Add-on Template that includes 80 custom icons. Each icon has been converted into an SVG and uploaded to Showit as a custom icon. That means, you can easily import the icon page to your Showit site, apply your site styles, then copy and paste these icons as needed. Change colors in the Icon Settings panel inside of Showit.

Take your designs to the next level, highlight text and make your design more impactful. Perfect for quizzes, favorite things and giving your site a big punch of personality.

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Showit Icon Kit

What’s Included:

Colors can easily be changed inside of Showit in the Icon Settings panel

Change the size of every icon without losing resolution

Highlight your important words or phrases

Is a great addition to your favorite things page, sales pages and quizzes for a custom look

The Showit Icon Kit comes with several options of each icon for a more realistic look and doesn't feel repetitive

Makes your bullets fun

80 custom Showit icons. Every icon has already been converted to SVG icons and imported into Showit as a custom icon. The Icon kit includes curved backgrounds, circles, underlines, stars, seals, unique shapes and more! To use, add the icon canvas to your Showit site, copy and paste the icons you choose. Edit the icon inside of Showit in the Icon Settings panel.

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4 curved backgrounds

shapes to use for bullets, icons, seals, etc.

circles and x's for favs + quizzes

quotation marks

a variety of circles and underlines

another curved border

How it Works

Once you’ve purchased your add-on template, you’ll receive your custom share key and info that will walk you through how to install the template into your Showit account (website hosting sold separately).

Download & Install

Add the icon page to your current Showit site so you can easily copy and paste the icons you would like to use.

copy the icon page to your showit site

Change colors, change sizes and add some fun with your website!


Personal Use

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Commercial Use

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Use for your own personal website.

Use on unlimited client websites.
Cannot be used in templates for resale.


how do I add these icons to my showit account?

You will receive a unique Share Key with instructions walking you through how to add the add-ons to your account and how to apply them to your site.

how do I change the icon colors?

When you import the icons, there's a button inside of Showit that reads "Apply my Brand". This will import the icons with your brand colors. You can further edit the colors inside of the Icon Settings on the right hand side.


With a personal license, you can use these icons on your own website for personal use. If you are a designer and want to use these for clients website, you will need to purchase the commercial license.

what does the commercial license include?

 If you are a designer and want to use these for clients website, you will need to purchase the commercial license. You can use on unlimited clients sites. You cannot use these icons in templates for resell.

what is your refund policy?

Since our templates are an instant digital download, we do not offer refunds. Thank you for understanding!

How to I use the curve icons full width?

Add one of the curves to the top or bottom of the canvas. Set the icon to the full width horizontal locking in the Size & Position on the right side of the showit toolbar. If it's not edge locking for you, increase the height of the icon bounding box.

still have questions? Contact me!

The Showit Icon Kit are custom icons which include circles, shapes and underlines so you can highlight words or phrases and add custom touches to your designs. 

The icons have already been converted into SVGS and imported into Showit as custom icons. To use, just import the canvases into your site and apply your brand colors during import.

a few ideas for you!

Do you want a fun quiz?

A. includes a variety

B. of different circles

C. for a realistic look

D. make your quizzes fun!

Or a great favorites page?

A. this circle here

B. is different than

C. the previous circle

D. to make it look realistic!

Or do you like this style?

High touch client

Let's circle back tomorrow

we'll unpack that later

seems to be working for now

let's take a quiz

Great for sales pages too!

uplevel your designs

make copy stand out

have a custom look

save time

Let's style some text again.

Includes 80 icons and hand drawn icons. Adding these on your website can take your designs to the next level, highlight text and make your design more impactful.

look how much fun bullets can be

copy and paste

make bigger or smaller

change icon colors

your designs
will be
more fun!

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