You deserve to feel comfortable
and CONFIDENT in your brand.

Just like our personal style, our businesses evolve over time. As you grow, change, and refine what you’re all about, it’s natural to feel like your existing brand just doesn’t represent you anymore. 

Just like it’s hard to own the room while wearing a stiff blazer a size too small, it’s hard to enthusiastically promote yourself with brand visuals that no longer fit. When your brand is the first impression that people get of your business, the last thing you want is to miss the opportunity to be seen for who you truly are

If you’re feeling stuck or limited in the way you’re presenting yourself to the world, it might be time for an outfit change – for your business, that is – and work with a brand designer for a fresh look that resonates with your clients.

A rebrand is a high-impact way to put the right foot forward and feel proud of your business again.

A custom brand that’s designed to fully represent you *and* speak to your ideal client helps you to:

Rebrand and re-energize your business – from stressful to sustainable.

Build your credibility

Increase trust with your audience

Set you apart in your industry

And raise your rates with confidence

Work with a brand designer to create a brand that’s grounded in who you are, intentional about your goals, and designed to connect with the heads and hearts of your clients is one that goes the distance. 

Call your branding a secret agent, a team member, or whatever you need to see it as an integral part of your business (and your business’s success!).​​​​​​​​ If your branding doesn’t represent who you are or resonate with your target client, you are leaving opportunity on the table.​​​​​​​​ Say no more!

When you work with a brand designer, together we’ll craft a completely custom brand that captures your individual story, is thoughtful about your journey, and reflects your best to your ideal audience. Trust me, your brand will be purpose-filled, crafted to support your growth as an entrepreneur.

Custom Brand Design

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Visual Strategy & Direction
Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
1-2 Brand Marks/Icons
Brand Pattern
Color Palette 
Typography direction
Brand Guidelines
Launch Graphics

timeline: 3-4 weeks


She was so easy to work with and went above and beyond on my branding design.

Tara creates beautiful work! She was so easy to work with and went above and beyond on my branding design. She was great at deciphering my rambling feedback and created the perfect look for my business. If you're looking for a brand designer, I highly recommend Oregon Lane!

Julia Dent Bocchese

frequently asked questions

Have you designed for a business like mine?

I’ve designed for creative businesses of all kinds. Regardless of your industry, when you go through my signature process, you can be confident that we’ll craft a brand that’s the perfect fit for your business.

What if I already know what fonts I like or what colors I want to use? 

I ask that you come into this process with an open mind for what we’ll create together. You may go in thinking you want one thing but realize that something else will better serve your audience (and feel more authentic to your business, too!).

What if I also need website design?

If you know you need both a brand and website, I highly recommend booking my Custom Web Design experience, which includes both branding and a custom Showit website.

Come away with deliberate, ARTFUL branding that inspires all the right people to work with you.

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