The Brand Cafe—Customizable Branding Packages for Creatives

I am so excited to announce the launch of my Brand Cafe! I get it girl, I’ve heard it over and over—you need a logo real fast—like NOW because you’re all ready to launch your business! 

Well, I have something that I hope you will find as exciting as I do! My Brand Cafe offers pre-made full branding packages if your time or budget doesn’t allow for a custom logo option. All of the logos are professionally designed and sold only one time each. Have no fear, I don’t want you to have the same logo as everyone else either!

Each logo can be customized with your business name and branding colors. This is also an amazing option for those who don’t really know what they like and need to shop before they buy!

So how does the Brand Cafe work?

You can customize your logo just how you like it, just like ordering coffee at your favorite cafe, but without the wait!

1. Choose your brand

2. Fill out my inquiry form and give me all of your brand details, don’t be shy!

3. Receive and pay invoice

4. You branding package will be customized

5. I’ll deliver all of the gorgeous logo files and good to you

6. BONUS! You’ll receive a package in the mail with 200 beautifully printed business cards (my favorite part, who doesn’t love mail!)

7. It’s party time, you are ready to launch your brand!


What’s included in the Brand Cafe?

Yes, I know pre-made logos aren’t anything new. BUT, at the Brand Cafe, you receive more than just a customized logo. You are receiving an entire customized branding package. See #allthethings below! I believe in my brands and don’t want any logo that goes out looking ordinary. Although these are customizable, they will look truly unique after they have gone through the customization process. You will be receiving all items listed below, which includes 3 versions of your logo.

If you haven’t read my other post on Logo Submarks, Variations and Elements—What are They and How to Use Them, it would be a good time to check it out, when you’re finished with this post, obviously!

I believe to really enhance your brand identity, you need multiple versions of your logo to use across many platforms and you will get just that. 

1. Main Logo

2. Secondary Logo

3. Logo Element

3. Customized Color Palette

4. 200 standard printed business cards

5. Three social media profile images

6. Brand Style Guide


Who do the Brand Cafe logos work best for?

I have designed each one of my logos for small businesses in mind. I specifically thought about photographers, florists, copyrighters, virtual assistants event planners and social media experts. Really any creative small businesses would love these! 

I know there are a lot of coffee drinkers here, am I right? Grab yourself a coffee and go browse the Brand Cafe! Picture your brand name and colors of your choice to suite your personality! Make sure to scroll through to see what each one has to offer because there’s a lot of goodies!

And remember, each one will be sold one time. If you are loving one, grab it while you can.


Now go Shop! Before the coffee gets cold. Let’s get your branding started.

The fine print: One round of proofs and revisions included. Additional layouts of business card are extra. Specialized printing such as foil or gloss are extra. Shipping to US included. Outside the US can incur additional fees.